Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend Update

I guess I should do a weekend update.  This week, Miles really started walking a lot, so that's a new wrinkle. He was able to crawl really fast and climb up stuff and pull everything off of tables already, so it's not that different I guess. But now he can fall in different ways, I guess.  Pretty cool to see him walking at 10 months. Evie didn't walk until she was 17 months.  In the grand scheme of life, that's not that big of a difference but at this stage that's a huge difference.

As I write this, it's one in the morning on Sunday, the 26th. Earlier "today" on Saturday afternoon, I got home from work and there's no better feeling than when your kids are excited to see you. Evie was eager to show me the clothes basket of diapers. My work schedule makes it so I go to sleep on Saturday afternoon so I can go back to work at night. I asked Evie if she would take me to bed for my nap, so she led me by the finger to my room and made me get into the bed.  I asked her to turn on the fan so she went over and tried to figure it out. I helped her use the remote (yes, a remote controlled fan which is awesome and also 14 years old). She then wanted to climb into bed with me and snuggle and take a nap with me.  It was so nice. It's the best thing. I love her so much. Miles came in there and was climbing all over me, too. He was chasing the cat around the bed and I was just trying keep him from falling off. Then he tackled Evie's head.  I dunno, I'm rambling now, but it was nice to see my kids for five minutes earlier. Made my day.

It would be nice if I used the computer during the week to write more blog posts, but I kind of keep it hooked up with the HDMI cable and the TV for streaming purposes. I think I would really like to change that. I say that often, but maybe I'll try harder this week. Thanks! 

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