Sunday, December 22, 2013

Preds Game/Tornado Warning!

So a couple of weeks ago, I answered a Preds Pride trivia question from the Nashville Predators email blast, because the prize was either a "Preds prize pack" or tickets to a game.
Last Tuesday, I got a phone call from the Preds ticket office saying I was randomly selected to win four lower bowl tickets to the Saturday night game against the Montreal Canadiens.  I had to switch a shift with the nice lady at work, and this allowed me to take my family to the game.  Since Miles doesn't need his own seat yet, we had an extra ticket, so we took Lydia to the game.  It was both Miles' and Lydia's first hockey game.  I got home for work at around 2:15 yesterday and took a quick nap.  Woke up at like, 4:30, took a shower.  Lydia came by around that time and we actually left the house about the time we wanted to leave, around five.  Now before we got a new car seat for Evie and Miles was just in the car seat that snaps into the base, Lydia could fit in our backseat.  But now that we have two convertible seats in the back, it was a much tighter fit for anybody back there.  So she sat awkwardly between the two kids and I drove carefully to the game.

The weather was supposed to be nasty on this night, and it wasn't yet when we got to the game, but that changed.  More on that in a minute.  First off, the game.  Our seats were incredible.  Probably some of the best seats in the house.  Here's a pic...

The game wasn't going so well at first with Montreal scoring three goals on five shots in the first period.  Then Matt Hendricks fought Travis Moen in an attempt to wake up the Preds bench, and it seemed to work as they shut out the Habs for the remainder of regulation.  The Preds clawed back to tie the game, and there was much rejoicing.  Miles was doing okay during the game, except when they Preds scored that first goal.  He was like "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!"  But after that, even on the other goals, he was pretty okay with the game and the ridiculous volume of an NHL arena.  Montreal scored the game winner in overtime and everyone left feeling sort of "uuuggghhh."  

Shortly before the game winning goal, every one sitting around us got a message sent to our phone that we were under a tornado warning.  It was pretty funny watching just about everyone around me pull our their phone and see what their phone was yelling at them about.  As we exited Bridgestone arena, the tornado sirens were going off, and I gotta say it was a pretty surreal feeling walking up Demonbreun st with these sort of air raid sirens blaring all around us.  Bethany didn't want to go out in the elements because she was afraid we were going to die in a tornado.  I was not so scared.  We got to the car and it wasn't raining yet, but about five minutes into our 15 minute journey home, it started to absolutely downpour.  This was probably top three worst rain I've ever driven in.  I didn't take any highway home because I don't have to, but I was driving up Music Row, past Belmont University and I could hardly see the street.  With the high winds, it was like we were being splashed.  It was really weird and kinda scary.  We finally made it home and rushed the kids inside.  I had to go back out there because I left my lights on, and by the time I had done that, I was dripping wet. We got inside and turned on the local weather coverage to see if we were in imminent danger, which it turns out we weren't anymore.  Jesse drove up from Antioch to pick up Lydia and they went home after letting the storm pass for a little bit.  

Overall it was an interesting night.  Certainly beat sleeping and going to work, that's for sure.  It's a night I wont' forget.  Oh yeah, did I mention all this tornado action was happening because it was 79 degrees when we left the game at 9 o'clock at night?  Yeah, that's a good recipe for severe weather.  Fun night. 

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