Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rainy Day and Diamond Youth

Well, it's a rainy, cold, gloomy day in the capitol city of Tennessee, both kids are napping and I've gotten my copy of the Diamond Youth EP downloaded to my iTunes.  So the weather is crap but the music is good.

Miles has been having poop problems lately so we're gonna try and cut out wheat and/or dairy from his diet and see if that helps him out.  He ate an entire banana earlier, which was a sight to see.  I'm still amazed sometimes at his ability to eat solids.  He's just a baby! And as far as that point, of him just being a baby, it's still so weird to see him walking around. He's so good at it, and he's so little.  It's hilarious.

So it never really got bright enough today to not have lamps on in the house.  To further my original point here, it's such a shitty day, weatherwise, I don't really feel like doing anything else except what I'm doing at this very moment.

I think I'll make burritos for dinner tonight.

Here is a link to this album.  It's really good, but I see there are two songs not available on the Bandcamp page as what I got from my preorder.  Weird.  Doesn't matter, it's till good.  I highly recommend this band.

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  1. Rainy days are good days to bake. Arts and crafts with the kids.