Monday, February 17, 2014

Nice Monday

I haven't written anything in a while, so let me change that. Right now, at this moment, it's 9:00 am on a Monday. Bethany is sleeping in because she needs it. Miles woke up this morning at like, 6:30, so I got up with him and we watched some USA Women's olympic hockey, as the team was thrashing Sweden. Got his butt changed, made coffee and gave him his waffle. He devoured that sucker like a champ. We came back in here and he was clearly getting tired again, so I got him back to sleep, and now I'm sitting here with two sleepy kids, a sleepy wife and a quiet house, except for the washer, of course.

I'm taking this moment to not do anything. I'm just going to sit here and mindlessly play around on the internet and my phone and enjoy the sunshine in my living room while it lasts.  Supposed to get warm this week, and do some raining.  I hope it doesn't rain too much so I can take my children outside and play, because we all could use some fresh air.

Speaking of fresh air, I can't wait to be able to open some windows in this place.  We moved in at the end of October, so we didn't have that many nice days yet in the new house. I haven't tried to open many windows here, but I certainly hope they open up, because I love the feeling of the fresh breeze flowing through my home. Perhaps this week when it gets warm enough I'll test them out. There's 14 windows and two doors that could be opened throughout the house, which should create a nice cross-breeze.

Okay, that's all for now.  Time to go off and do nothing.

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