Thursday, March 13, 2014

Miles' First Birthday!

It's Miles' first birthday! Wow, that went by fast. Seems like it was just a short 12 months or so have passed since he was born! Oh wait...

Anyway, my parents are in town so Bethany and I got to take a date night last night. We went a real nice Mexican restaurant and ate amazing food. It was pricey, but we charged it, because it's not like we go out and do that all that often. We took advantage. After that we took our date night over to the Dollar Tree and Party City for stuff to decorate for Miles' birthday. Even when we get away from the kids for a couple hours, we still do stuff for the kids. You can't take the parents out of us that easy. We went and got a couple drinks at a bar we'd been meaning to go check out for quite a while and then came home and decorated.

I didn't really want to decorate the house because it was really late and I was tired, but once we started, it was kinda fun to do. I got to blow up a pack of balloons which was more fun than I even imagined it would be. It was oddly gratifying. We hung up streamers and stuff, and it started to look real nice in here.

This morning when Miles woke up, he was already in a super good mood, and when he came into the living room, his face lit up. He loved all the balloons and streamers and dangly things from the ceiling. I picked out a toy monster truck thing for him at the dollar store, and when he caught sight of it, he ran and excitedly started playing with is.  So cute!

Anyway, it's been a fun birthday for Miles.  He's the best and I'm happy when he seems happy. I think he can tell it's a special day. Too bad he won't remember it.

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