Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week of 4/20 - 4/26: Easter

So here's the rundown on what went down the week of Sunday, April 20th through Saturday April 26th. 

Sunday: It was Easter, but since I was at work in the morning we held off finding eggs until Monday morning. Our neighbors had a fire in their fire pit, so we went over there and met the nice people.

Monday: The kids hunted for Easter Eggs (inside, we're not barbarians who hide eggs outside) and I ate a bunch of jelly belly's and gummies. I ate all their Easter candy because I'm a monster. 

Tuesday: Nothing happened on Tuesday 

Wednesday: I decided to listen to every record I own, and almost got though them all.  I need more records. Bethany had her work party at Alegria Mexican Restaurant. Recorded a podcast with Caleb.

Thursday: Mom flew into town and boy were her arms tired. Was asked to go into work and cover a shift and I did because I could use the extra money. 

Friday: Mom watched the kids while Bethany and I got lunch, shopped for records, and hit up Target and stimulated the economy. 

Saturday: I worked and slept all day, as usual. 

Let's talk about...Wednesday and/or Thursday.

On Wednesday, Bethany and I and the kids went with her student callers to Alegria Mexican restaurant and tequila bar for her end of the year party. I don't know her employees/student callers all that well, but I know them enough that it was nice to see some of them. This was probably my least social I've been with the callers at any event I've attended because I was wrangling Miles most time. That, or filling my face with queso dip and guacamole. I ordered some sort of fish dish (pescatarian, not vegetarian. I guess I should change my bio to reflect this, though who really cares?) called something something Veracruzano.  I was surprised to find it tasted like Indian food, which wasn't good.  Bethany and I had gone to this restaurant back in early March on a date night, and the thing I had ordered that night was delicious, but this was just okay.  I ate it all, but was disappointed. Oh well, wanted to try something new. Miles was running a mile a minute in there because he's Miles. Evie was being adorable because that's what she is. 

When we got home I recorded the latest episode of Podcastrated with Caleb. I was happy with the result because I didn't get drunk during the recording, so my thoughts were clear. Also, my voice was clear because I finally decided to not sit in the kitchen. When I record in the kitchen, I end up with a real echo because the acoustics suck. I won't be sitting in there to record anymore. I'll leave that link to the podcast here again, in case you live under a rock and haven't seen the link on other social networks yet. (or forgot) (or didn't care)

Thursday my mommy flew into town, and that is always a treat. You should have seen Evie's face when her grandma came walking up the front steps! She lit up like a Christmas tree! Nothing in the world makes me happier than the way my kids make my mom happy. 

So that's all.  Looking forward to the week ahead, I hope some cool things happen, and there is a very good chance that this will be an excellent week. Evelyn turns THREE tomorrow. I am a father of a three-year-old. WHAT. THE. HELL.  Okay, that's all. 


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