Sunday, January 5, 2014

Leaving the House is the Worst

Leaving the house just seems like so much more of an ordeal than it used to be.  It's gotten progressively more and more difficult as the kids have grown bigger and the outside temperature has fallen. In the summer, we lived in the old apartment, which meant leaving the house didn't involve stairs. Evie isn't good at stairs because she's sort of new to the concept.  So leaving the new house has the added element of Evie getting upset about the stairs.  She'll go down them, but it's like she's stepping into a cold pool or something, she has to go slow and hang on the rail for dear life.  I'm happy she's cautious, because she's less likely to fall and hurt herself, but c'mon kid, just go down the stairs.  In the summer/fall, when it was warmer out, I didn't have to put coats on the kids.  That is a chore, just putting coats on the kids.  And if it's exceptionally cold out, I don't want Evie or Miles in a bulky coat in their car seat.  It's not safe.  So then I have to rush Evie out to the car and get her in and cover her up with the outer part of her coat so she's not cold.  She's really good at telling me how cold she is.

 "I cold I cold I cold."
 "Yes, Evie, just a minute."

Not to mention putting Miles' coat on.  Squirmy little baby arms are hard to put in the coat.  And he doesn't want a hat or his hood on so he tries to rip it off to no end.  And I have to carry him to the car, and of course, Evie doesn't like the stairs or whatever so she insists on being carried (sometimes) so I have to pick up both kids, open and close the door, lock the door and try not to drop a kid.  I can only put one kid in the car at a time, so Evie has to go second because Miles can't stand around waiting like that because he's just a baby.  So she has to stand out in the cold while I strap Miles in.  I get her in and I'm finally ready to go.  I like to take the kids to the grocery store because I look like superdad, and I think the kids enjoy riding in the carts and stuff.  Like at Kroger, they have those carts with the plastic cars attached. The kids seem to get a kick out of riding in there, which is nice. Plus they look cute.

What's the worst is when I can't find a parking spot close to the door, like for example this past Friday when I took the kids to Trader Joe's.  The parking lot is too damn small, so there's no good spots on a busy Friday morning.  Sometimes Evie is good and walks while holding my hand.  Sometimes I have to carry her if she's cold...Like this past Friday. Then when I'm done, I can usually take the cart out to the car with the groceries in it, but when I get home, I don't have a cart to haul it inside. So what I've been doing lately is bring the kids in first, set them up with toys and run out, grab everything quick and run back inside. It used to be a lot easier when Miles was smaller and he rode in the car seat that came out of the car.  But now that he's in a convertible seat, it's just so much more complicated. I can't wait for winter to be over so I can leave the house and skip a few of these stupid steps. Or maybe I should just strap a handle to Miles' back or something so I can carry him at my side with one hand, ya know?  

A lot of the times it's just feels like it's not worth taking the kids out. But I enjoy it all, I really do.  Even though I just wrote a whole post about how much it sucks to take the kids out because it's a lot of work, I really do cherish the moments. Enough people have told me to cherish these moments because before you know it, they're 30 and you will wish you could go back. So I don't take it for granted. I try not to, at least. But I wish I could just say "get in, kids" and they would just hop in the car and buckle up and off we'd go. I know that day is coming, but not really anytime soon. Until then, I'll suffer haha.   

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