Monday, January 6, 2014

The Night Time

I was talking with Bethany the other day about Miles and his inability to sleep though the night. Evie was such a different baby in this regard. Miles is a nursing baby and Evie was a formula baby. We would fill up Evie's belly with formula and wrap her up in the swaddle (until she was 8 months old) and she would almost always sleep through the night. Her sleeping though the night continued after we ditched the swaddle, and after we ditched the bottles. It was real nice, I have to say. We didn't know how good we had it. I said it before and I'll say it again, if there were more babies like Evie was, there would be a lot more babies. Miles on the other hand was rolling over in his swaddle from like, one month on, and has never slept for longer than six hours at night...and he only did that like, once or twice. He usually wakes up every couple hours, anywhere between every two to four. We haven't had a full, unbroken night of sleep in months. We're not cracking. We're not fed up with this world. We deal okay, but we're tired a lot.  It's become normal now, but it's never cool to get up two or three times a night and get the kid so he can nurse. Boohoo, poor us. Not cool, Miles. Miles, you are the opposite of cool, okay?

Like I said, someday, hopefully soon, all these shenanigans will stop. Someday he will be a big kid and sleep through the night. Honestly that day can't come soon enough. I wish where was a switch I could flip that would get him to sleep like his sister always has, but that's just now how it works. I mean, there's nothing I can really do about it except bitch about it on a blog, so I just deal with it. I'm not upset, per se.  I just can't frickin' wait to sleep through the night again someday.  Oh well. Until that day comes, I'll be getting up and bumping into shit on the dark, groggy walk to their room to get him. I do this as a team player. She's the one that has to nurse him, why should she have to do all the work? I can help somehow, and that somehow is bringing him in and taking him back. He's cute, so that helps make it okay, too.

Another difference between the kids waking up is that Evie would wake up, but she would just lose her pacifier somewhere in her crib, so I would stumble over there, pop the paci back in her mouth and she would just fall back asleep.  This does not work at all with Miles.  I haven't tried all that often, because the few times I've tried, it didn't work. So I just pick him up and bring him to his mama. He usually falls back asleep after hittin' the boob for a little bit and then we do the cycle again in a couple hours. This is our life.

If you need me, I'll be over here not sleeping very well.

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