Monday, November 3, 2014

Week of 10/26/14 to 11/1/14

This was a week in late October! Wow!

Sunday: Watched football and baseball and Hell in a Cell PPV on WWE Network

Monday: Cleaned the house, including the bathroom and stuff. Deep clean, because...

Tuesday: My mother-in-law Kris flew into town that night! Listened to the World Series game six on the radio, mostly.

Wednesday: Went out to Lucky Ladd's farm in Eagleville, TN. Was a lot of fun. Lydia brought her new puppy to our house. We made all sorts of Oriental food. Is oriental not okay to say anymore? The Giants won the World Series!

Thursday: Made homemade waffles. Trick or Treating at Lipscomb for the kids. Got MafiaoZa's pizza and carved pumpkins!

Friday: Halloween!!!! Got donuts from Donut Den! Lots of exclamation points! Rainy, gloomy day. Didn't go tricker treating with the kids becasuse had to nap and go to work. Yes, I spelled tricker treating wrong.

Saturday: Read a lot of Boy on Ice: the Life and Death of Derek Boogaard. A lot.

So...what day would I discuss in more detail?  I'll go with Wednesday!

Wednesday was a cool day for the fact that we drove the 45 minutes out to Eagleville for the pumpkin patch/farm for a fun time.  It's so quiet out there when you get away from the city! the silence was deafening.  I ate a carmel apple. I ate a fried peach pie. I fed goats and llamas feed out of my hand. I climbed in a giant spiderweb with my kids.  I went down a huge slide with Miles. Evie rode a pony and rode on tractor thing.  So much fun! And later...later! Lydia brought over her impossibly small new puppy named Lola.  It's a pug mix and it's way too small. Then the Giants won the World Series! What a day!